Work & Family integrations

Evidence-based organizational workshops

We teach people ways to bring their best selves to work

Ways to think through impacts of addressing family care responsibilities in their business

Ways to use best-in-class language and proven approaches for addressing it

Ways to feel the safe space of your organization

Cofounder SMEs

Cofounder Team

Our SME's work with KPMG

+ Micro-credentialing

This is:

Talent Recruitment

Organizations that prioritize people and work/life balance win the battle for the best candidates

Talent Branding

Organizations that highlight empathy are more attracive to talent

Talent Retention

People are dropping out of the workforce at a rate not seen previously. If you want to keep high performers, you have to be able to have conversations/show support when something happens outside of work



Supervisors with the latest knowledge on best practices and family care laws are more efficient and effective managers


Supporting employees to better integrate work and family improves employee health and reduces risk of on-the-job accidents and sick days